Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Is A Job in Beauty Really All That Glamorous?

For many, a job in the beauty world of hair, makeup, skincare, etc. is the ultimate dream job.  But, are these jobs really that glamorous?  You see many celebrity artists and famous youtubers praising their jobs and new found happiness.  But, is it the same for other members in the beauty world?  There are many pro's and con's to any job or profession, and personal choice is the determining factor in choosing the best route of employment. 

Let's talk about some of the difficulties or cons that may arise while working in the beauty world.  My personal first concern is having to maintain the image of being "put together".  In any beauty job, your expectation is to look the part of being beautiful.  You need to maintain hair, nails, makeup, skincare, clothing, etc. at all times regardless of how crappy your feel.  Your buyers purchase beauty items based on their first impression of the item, which is you, the employee.  I must admit that I am not a glamour person every day, and I tend to have some lazy days of no makeup.  But, when I began working at a beauty store, the option for a lazy day was not available.   That is not a big con and will most likely not be a con at all for those who love to be glamorous everyday, all day.  Another concern is benefits.  Let's just be real; we need health insurance, retirement, life insurance etc.  These options are usually cheaper through an employer, because they may pay part of your benefit costs.  So unless you work for a large corporation like Mary Kay, MAC, department stores (Nordstrom, J C Penney, etc.), salons, etc., freelance and self employed individuals may spend more dollars obtaining these necessities.  For the "in demand" beauties, traveling and demanding work schedules can be daunting.  Many great artists were at some celebrity's beck and call at some point....traveling, on call, working long hours.  Many artists travel for classes, appearances, etc.  This can have a negative affect on one's personal, family, relationships.  I am quite sure that I did not scare you away, because that is not my intention whatsoever.

So why join the beauty world?  Why not?  Beauty is a large industry and is doing very well on the market globally.  Get a job doing something you love and get paid big bucks to do so.  For many this is an opportunity to travel and network...this could aid in you in achieving your personal goals to maybe own a business, create a product, and so on.  The market and the demand for beauty does not look like it is decreasing any time soon.  More and more products are being created to make us look our best physically and mentally.  There are more outlets to advertise the beauty world now than ever before.  Even if you pick up a part time job, like myself, it is an opportunity to sharpen your skills, get the scoop on what's new, and enjoy a little gratis! 

So, what about you?  Do you work in beauty?  Do you want a career in the beauty industry?  Stay FABULOUS!

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