Hello Beautiful People!  My name is Alicia, and I am a lover of all things beauty.  What does that mean?  I am a shopaholic in denial, hoarder of makeup, hair product junkie, and still on a never ending quest of finding the best of the best in beauty.  My addiction started as an innocent girl in college trying to learn how to put on makeup.  I watched YouTube video after video and became obsessed with staying current in all things beauty.  I had to try every product, brand, diy, you name it!  Several years and hundreds of dollars later, I do not purchase as many beauty items, but I do follow what's in the new.  This blog was created as an outlet to share sales, reviews, new goodies, old goodies, and my thoughts on everything.  I currently have a YouTube channel, Peach Blossom, where I still actively post hauls, reviews, etc.  My blog allows me more versatility and flexibility on the go.  Thank you for stopping in and follow me to aid in my addiction to all things beauty.  Stay FABULOUS!


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