Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How To Adjust Your Beauty Routine For the Fall/Winter Season

The fall has officially begun, and we are beginning to see and feel the wonderful change in weather.  Also the holidays are approaching! (Christmas is in 73 days...but who's counting?!) With the dryer, cooler weather entering in this season, you may want to amplify or adjust your beauty routine for the fall and winter seasons.  Consider some of the tips below.  Stay FABULOUS!

1.  Moisturize
Our skin is so precious to us.  Make sure that you have a great moisturizer to protect it.  This is the time of year when I like the thick, heavy moisturizers that will not require reapplication throughout the day.  My favorites are from Sephora Collection, The Body Shop, First Aid Beauty, and L'Occitane.

2.  Oils
The right oils can keep your skin moisturized, smooth, and breakout free.  Add a few drops of oil to bath, lotion, hair product, and/or use it alone.  Keep your skin soft and supple through the winter season.  Try Jojoba oil , Vitamin E oil , and Lavender oil.

3.  Shorten Shower Time
Winter air has less moisture.  Excessive long, steamy showers can lead to damage of your skins lipid layer.  The skin's lipid layer holds the fatty acids that contain our skin's moisture. Shorten your shower or cool down the water.

4.  Non-Foaming Cleanser
Sources state that drying soap lather is worse on the skin than hot water.  Avoid soap-based cleansers because there is not as much moisture in the air during the winter.  I love Neutrogena and Ole Henriksen.

5.  Lip Balm
Our lips contain no oil glands, so they can be more prone to drying out than any other part of your body.  Waxy lip balms with ingredients such as lanolin and mineral oil make it difficult to for moisture to penetrate the lips.  Fragrance is a known allergen for the lips, so also avoid lip balms with fragrance if possible.  Vaseline/petrolatum has not show any detrimental effects due to wear of the product.  It  actually creates a barrier to prevent moisture loss, but there is just difficulty getting moisture past that barrier.  So pick up a moisturizing lip balm.

6.  Do Not Skimp on The Sunscreen
You skin is still absorbing sun rays throughout the seasons, so make sure that you are still protecting your skin with SPF.  Aveeno is one of my favorites.

7.  Exfoliate
We don't want flaky skin under our foundation, on our feet, and especially on our lips.  Exfoliate to soften and remove dead skin from those pesty areas.  I love Soap and Glory's exfoliating products.

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