Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How To Get FREE Makeup

I'm sure the word free is what brought you here.  But, I said it...FREE!  The costs of makeup add up.  Believe me I know!  Even drugstore items can easily total 40.00 USD more with 5 to 6 products.  Besides stalking all types of sales...take advantage of ways to try new products without spending.

Free Samples
Many beauty retailers offer samples with any purchase.  Samples allow you the opportunity to get one to two uses of a product to try it out.

Coupon Codes
The internet is your friend.  Beauty retailers email and release coupon codes for free items all the time.  Before making a purchase on any beauty website, I check for coupon codes to receive some new or favorite goodies.

Reward Programs
As a way to retain consumers, businesses are offering reward programs.  These programs can offer any thing from discounts, dollar amount deductions or credits, and/or free deluxe items.  Reward programs usually are free to join and require minimal personal information for registration.  My personal favorite programs are Ebates, Sephora's Beauty Insider and Ulta's Perks.

Partition To Makeup Brands
Partition to beauty brands to test, review, and/or become an affiliate of the brand.  Many YouTubers and bloggers receive products for advertisement of a particular brand.  Some companies may reach out to you or contact the company that you are interested in.

Enter A Giveaway
Follow all of  your favorite brands on social media.  Many companies offer giveaways on their social media accounts.

Refer A Friend
Companies such as Ebates, Mr. Rebates, Hautelook, etc. offer dollar amount credits or gift cards for referring a friend.  Normally the friend has a certain amount of time to make a purchase once signing up in order for you to redeem your reward.  Hautelook offers a 20.00 USD credit for a referral....that's free money!

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