Thursday, November 12, 2015

Are Drugstore Prices Too High?

19.99 USD
Do you think that the drugstore makeup quality is improving?  Do those improvements come at a higher consumer cost...or can we chalk that up to inflation?  These are the questions that I am asking myself when I am walking down the aisles of CVS, Walgreens, Target, etc.  Of course, we are seeing sales of all sorts for the drugstore brands, but some of the original prices for these drugstore brands are topping over 20.00 USD.  I do not normally plan to spend over 50.00 USD (including BOGO sales and more) in a drugstore.  But, slowly I am beginning to feel as if the 50.00 bucks spent on a handful of products in the drugstore should just go toward a favorite product at a place like Sephora, Ulta, etc.  Don't get me wrong, there are some great products out there...I just expect to find them at a reasonable price.

Rimmel London 4.49 USD

One brand in particular whose prices are increasing to the top of the drugstore market is Loreal.  Loreal's new Infalliable line had me thinking that I was shopping at the MAC counter...not because of the product, but the price.  Their setting spray retails for approximately 16.99 USD.  You can buy MAC fix plus for 22.00 USD or fix plus mini for 10.00 USD.  The Infallibale foundation retails for approximately 12.99 USD (that's what I paid at Target).  The formulation was pretty good, and the color match was ok being the darkest shade in the line.  The bottom line is...rather than have a so so color match, I would much rather purchase a 27.00 USD MAC foundation.  For us women of color, we are still waiting on the variety in shades to increase in the drugstore department.  Many women of color purchase two colors to get the best result.  If you purchase two Loreal foundations, you would be paying approximately 26.00 USD.  I would much rather buy the high end, better quality, better color match, etc.  Now, if I have a good color match then the price is decent...dare I say somewhat reasonable.  But, in my college days, I wouldn't pay over 8.00 USD or 9.00 USD for a foundation. Now the prices are slowly rising.  The politics of makeup, right? I think that Loreal and Revlon has the best color selection for women of color (not many but better than the rest!).  I would like to see some more improvements in formulation in order to justify the price hikes.

So are we overpaying for drugstore makeup?  Are drugstore prices reasonable for your beauty needs?  Stay FABULOUS!

Milani 8.79 USD

Revlon 7.79 USD

Physicians Formula 11.95
Loreal 16.99 USD

Loreal 12.99 USD

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