Sunday, November 22, 2015

Tea Time: Friends many of have them.  But, many of us have "real" friends?  Don't worry I'll wait. 

So, what is a "real" friend first of all?  When I think of a friend, I think of my confidant, shoulder to lean on, partner in crime, the person who encourages my clown behavior...  I also think a friend is someone who can tell you the truth even when no one else will. 

Now there is a season for everything including relationships.  Some relationships just are not meant to last the test of time.  But why does it seem that it is so hard to find a friend that can be what I would call a "real" friend?

These days it seems as though some people are looking for someone who can only benefit them.  If there is no benefit or gain then there is no real friendship.  Those needs dictate what friendship level you are on, e.g. best friend, associate, etc.  As I have gotten older, my friends have become few...almost non existent.  Getting closer to the big 3-0 means more personal and career preparation. So, it is expected that some friendships will be stressed and tested.  But where are my friends when I'm going through stress and a test?  Where are my "real" friends?  What are your thoughts on friendships?  Stay FABULOUS!

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