Thursday, November 19, 2015

Why I Wear Wigs

Youtuber:  BeautyByJJ
I get this question so much.  You hair is so long...why do you wear wigs?  The answer is simple... convenience.  Currently wigs are my preference for protective and lazy day styles.  Wigs do not carry the same old negative connotation...wigs are for old women, women with no hair, people with no money, etc.  Now, many women chose to wear a wig instead of sew ins, quick weaves, and/or extensions. 

Wigs allow you the flexibility to secure and remove your hair without fuss.  I can do my hair in record time when it is styled in advance on a manikin head.  You just put it on and go!  Many companies are making high end and low end wigs with very close resemblance to one's natural hair.  I do not secure my wigs to my hairline, so there is minimal damage to your edges.  Wigs also allow you the flexibility to change your hair often...try styles that you may have always wanted to try.  Do you wear wigs?  What's your opinion on wigs, weaves, extensions, etc. ?

Try one.  Stay FABULOUS!

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