Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tea Time: The Price Of Fame

From time to time, I will divulge some of my personal thoughts on life, love, beauty, etc.  The price of fame came to me as a title because of the recent articles of celebrities' public rants demanding privacy and "equal" treatment.

I recently read an article about Marc Jacobs's rant about the media reporting about his "exclusive" parties with his friends and unhappy professional relationships.  He wrote a letter to the editor/author insulting and misinterpreting the motive for the article.  Entertainment.  Simple as's business.

Now, I do not condone the constant scrutiny and invasion of privacy that many celebrities endure.  But, there is a price to fame.  Media reports celebrities' every move because some people literally want to know every single thing that a person does, e.g. when they rise, sleep, brush their teeth, etc.  Especially in this day and age, reality television is what sells.  Just about every major television network and Internet network have endorsed some type of reality show.  "Real life" and "Everyday life" sells.  Celebrities want everyone to know that they are just like everyone else...and they are human just like everyone.  There's just one catch...their talent has caused them to be held to an higher esteem then everyone else...they're "famous".

The problem is some celebrities do not volunteer for a reality show, but the media will create a storyline for them anyway.  Celebrities want to turn their performance on and off, but the spotlight deems otherwise.  Celebrities are unfortunately always on platform with an audience watching. 

Everyone has the right to vent their frustrations.  But, they must remember it is a part of the game.  Public attacks on the media does not improve on any part of the situation.  The price of fame includes forfeiting most of your privacy.  It's in the fine print when you become famous.  Hopefully a new trend will arise later where discreetness and privacy are popular...yeah, I doubt it. 

Your thoughts?  Would the price of fame deter you from aspiring for a life long dream?  Stay FABULOUS!

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