Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Beauty Blender vs. All Other Sponges

Is the beauty blender different from all of the other beauty sponges on the market?  I get this question several times a day. ..

My honest answer is yes.  A sponge is sponge, right?  Yes, to a certain extent they all serve their purpose.  I have used sponges from Real Techniques, brand sponges from local beauty suppliers, and more.  Most sponges are noticeably firm in comparison to the Beauty Blender.  I believe the firmness is meant to prevent absorption, but the flexibility and manageability of the sponge become comprised.  In my opinion, it does not really matter if these sponges are wet or dry.  The product will just soak into the sponge or just sit in the creases of the sponge.  The application can vary for just about every sponge that I have tried.  With the exception of Real Techniques, the application can be a bit streaky.  I can say that all of the sponges that I have tried have gotten the job done. 

What I have learned about Beauty Blenders…Beauty Blender claims to have created their beauty blenders with a unique and exclusive material that contains an open cell structure.  This open cell structure allows the blender to fill with small amounts of water when wet.  The fullness of the Beauty Blender allows the product to sit on the blender for application and prevents waste of product from soaking into the sponge.  The Beauty Blender has a soft, extremely spongy feel even when dry.

Think you see the key difference?  The density and material of the sponge…  I think Beauty Blender has mastered the art of creating an application tool that does not waste product and provides an even, smooth application.  I have not found any close comparison.  What about you?  Is there a difference?  Stay FABULOUS!

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