Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sephora Collection Teint Infusion Ethereal Natural Finish Foundation Review

I do not review Sephora Collection items that often.  It's not that I dislike them, I am just drawn to so many other makeup brands in the universe!  I received this foundation in gratis.  This is part of the Sephora Collection which is exclusive to Sephora.  You receive 0.67 oz for 24.00 USD which is steal compared to other foundations on the market except MAC.  Here is Sephora's take:

The ultra-fluid texture of this formula flawlessly melts onto skin for buildable light-to-medium coverage and the feeling of wearing no foundation at all. The formula glides on for foolproof application and moisturizes to create visibly smoother skin.

So, my thoughts.  This foundation comes with  dropper similar to some of the new high end foundations out such as Marc Jacobs, Giorgio Armani, and so on... I am not thrilled with using a dropper or spatula applicator to apply my foundation.  I suppose one pro is that it saves on foundation.  But, one con that I have noticed working in Sephora that this product is hard to get out of the bottle once you go below 30 percent or so...now you are wasting product.

The consistency is more liquidy.  The application yielded a lightweight, medium coverage.  I definitely had the feeling of no foundation.  It wore comfortably throughout a workday.  It left a more satin finish.  This foundation is not marketed toward oily girls like me because of its infusion properties.  I started becoming oily within two hours, but I did not have to blot excessively throughout the day.  I wore the foundation in no more than 6 hour time frames.  Beyond that time could have resulted in really oily mess.

The color match was decent.  There are really only three women of color shades.  I wore #45 which is second from the darkest.  The darkest is like a 5 shade difference in color.  I found the shade just a little too light for my preference, but nothing a darker powder couldn't fix.

This foundation is decent and nothing to write home about.  It will be an easy lightweight foundation to throw on when I running errands and not going to be out all day.  For a similar price, I could actually get a good MAC foundation.  But, this is something definitely worth a try for dry, combination beauties looking for lightweight coverage on a budget.  Stay FABULOUS!

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