Thursday, May 19, 2016

ORS Curls Unleashed Leave In Creme Review

First off, when you open this product, it smells like a lemon meringue pie!  That's about the only pro that I smells good.  This product is meant to be a leave in moisturizer, but I actually feel as though it made my hair drier.  Weird, right?  The product is a thick cream and it applies smoothly seemly melting into the hair.  After a couple of hours, I noticed that my hair felt a little hard, rougher in texture.  My hair felt like when I had put too much protein in my hair in the past.  The product states that it's paraben free, mineral oil free, and alcohol free...but it doesn't feel that way.  There may be some sneaky ingredients in there.  But overall, I was not impressed with this product and will not repurchase it again.  I was surprised writing this review for ORS because I have loved their products in the past, but this one was not it for me.  Oh, the joy of finding the hair product staples!  Have you tried any of the ORS line for naturals?  Stay FABULOUS!

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