Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sephora Rouge VIB Holiday Sale Coming Soon

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It's almost here!!!  The biannual Sephora Rouge and VIB sale is approaching this November.  There are two times a year when I am most excited...that is April and November for the the Sephora holiday sale.  These are VIB and Rouge members' two opportunities to get 15% and 20% off respectively.  The fall sale is expected to start November 6, 2015 and last through November 9, 2015 for Rouge members.  I am not sure of the sale dates for VIB or Beauty Insiders at this time.  One other great perk is Sephora usually sends out dollar amount discount cards in the beginning of December as a reward for recent purchases.  Stay tuned for more information and my shopping wishlist.  Stay FABULOUS!

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