Wednesday, October 21, 2015

LA Splash Liquid Lipstick Review

Photo:  LA Splash Cosmetics

I will start off by saying that I think this will be my last liquid lipstick review for a little while.  I want you to have options, but I don't want to beat a dead hoarse.  We get it!  They're popular!  LA Splash liquid lipsticks retail at 14.00 USD, and they are available on the LA Splash website and several other cosmetic retailers.  LA Splash has three collections of liquid lipsticks; the only variation is in the packaging.  There is a wide variety of colors.  I chose four colors for reviewing purposes:  light pink, light purple, dark brown, and dark purple.  The application is a little tricky.  The lipsticks are on the thinner side and apply a bit streaky.  The darker colors apply better with one coat.  The catch is do NOT apply more than one coat...unless you want a crumbly, sticky mess.  The first time that I tried untamed, I applied two coats.  Those two coats were fine until I started eating and drinking.  The lipstick showed obvious wear in the inner lip and starting crumbling off in chunks staining my shirt.  I tried to apply another coat on top of the mess once I did a little wiping away of the previous color, but the mess became worse.  I had to wet a paper towel and wipe away as much product as possible before reapplying the lipstick.  After using one coat, the lipstick wore well, but there was still visible inner lip wear.  These lipsticks are also quite drying, which is not a surprise for a matte liquid lipstick.  (Some are more comfortable than others).  The lipsticks can be difficult to remove and may require an oil based makeup remover.  The colors are great, but the wear and application are not my favorite.  I will probably not purchase any more of their liquid lipsticks, but I will use the ones that I own.  Too bad, the colors had great potential!  Do you own any LA Splash liquid Lipsticks?  Enjoy and stay FABULOUS!


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