Friday, October 2, 2015

Can Women Of Color Wear Blue Eyeshadow? Hell Yes!

So, we have jumped the hurdle of women of color can't wear bright colors on their lips.  Remember that once upon a time?  Big lips can't wear bright colors, darker skin can't wear bright colors, etc.  Now women of color are wearing the heck out of some beautiful, bold colors!  One thing that I am still noticing is that many are still straying away from bright/color eye shadow.  Now, bright colors are not for everyone (I am personally more of a neutral gal myself).  But, if you want to try it...go for it.  Do not be intimidated by the stereotype that you are too dark to wear color.  One thing that I learned growing up is that bright colors look best on women of color due to the strong hues in our complexion.  I specifically chose blue because this color was almost completely banned by everyone!  Blue was for the 80s...well we all know trends resurface.  But, makeup is artistry, and you are a canvas.  Don't let the makeup wear rock the hell out of the makeup!

Some Tips:
1.  Blend well.  Maybe try a neutral shade in the crease
2.  Keep the rest of your makeup light (*in the photo below I didn't but this was for at home fun!)
3.  Try a navy blue eyeliner instead of black
4.  Limit shimmer to the lid.  Go for a matte shade in the crease
5.  Try a navy smokey eye

This was a look that I created a couple of months shame in my game.  Enjoy and stay FABULOUS!

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