Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Workout Tips for African American Women and Our Hair

Haven't we all been there...workout or save my hair style?  This is a question that goes through many African American women's minds.  And quite frankly, I sill battle with this decision.  You just washed your natural hair, detangled and freshly twisted.  You just received a fresh relaxer or flat iron style.  The hours and high dollars we spend on hair maintenance is paralyzing.  From personal experience, a touch up relaxer costs me ~ 75.00 USD-120.00 USD for medium/long length hair.  I spend a minimum of 4 hours washing, detangling, drying, and styling my hair.  Should I let all of that hard work and money go to waste for a workout?

Of course, you should!  A healthy body breeds healthy hair.  We should not ignore our bodies to protect our hair.  And believe me, I know it's hard!  There are many health conditions that do not work in African Americans' favor...e.g. hypertension, diabetes, etc.  Fitness (and diet) play a large role in prevention from these and other medical conditions. 

So what can we do to help salvage what's left of our style from a sweaty workout?  Check out the tips below.  Stay FABULOUS!


1.  Try Wash 'N Go's
2.  Use Dry Shampoo
3.  Rock your ponytail
4.  Try a chic sweatband
5.  Wrap your hair

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