Monday, October 12, 2015

Sephora Collection Mud Mask Purifying and Mattifying Review

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Let's go ahead and point out the obvious, the Sephora Collection mud mask seems quite similar to the infamous Glamglow Supermud clarifying mask.   With that out of the way, let's talk about what Sephora claims this mask can do.  Sephora states the mask is a zinc and copper mud mask that cleanses the skin, removes impurities, unclogs the pores, and reduces the appearance of blemishes.  When you open the product, the mask is a gray clay-like formula similar to the Glamglow.  I would say that this formula is thinner in texture than the Glamglow.  The mask had a very potent smell, slightly chemical in nature.  The mask wore comfortably and was easy to remove.  I noticed immediately that my skin was smoother and softer, but no immediate visible reduction of active acne.  Compared to the Glamglow, the Glamglow mask grips tightly to the skin where you can feel as though the mask is sucking the impurities from your skin.  Normally after using Glamglow, I notice an immediate reduction in redness and swelling in my active acne.  While we are comparing products, let's compare the price.  The Sephora mask is 19.00 USD, while the Glamglow is a staggering 69.00 USD.  With such a drastic difference in price, you would expect a significant variation in quality.  But, the two masks are very similar in objective and performance.  I still slightly favor the Glamglow mask, but I very much so favor Sephora's price! If you are a diva on a budget, definitely try out Sephora's mask.  Sephora is very generous with samples...ask for one.  Have you tried it yet?  Check out my review on Glamglow Supermud clarifying mask.  Stay FABULOUS!

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