Sunday, April 10, 2016

New Estee Lauder Edit Collection Releases at Sephora

You may have seen this strange new Estee Lauder packing floating around  Estee Lauder and Sephora have collaborated to release a unique line targeted toward millennials...aka the young folks.  This line is called Edit by Estee Lauder.  One downfall with Estee Lauder is that they were missing the young demographic.  So do you blame them for trying?  Do not fret, the young at heart along with everyone else will still be able to purchase all other Estee Lauder products.  No discontinuation of products to best of my knowledge. 

The line has bold, unique least in comparison with other Estee Lauder releases, and the shades are edgy and modern.  There are a lot of products in this line to start.  There are several skincare and makeup items.  I have not seen anything at this time that is unique or new to the makeup world.  But, nevertheless, Estee Lauder has great makeup quality.  So, I will be trying a few items from this line. 

There are several reviews already on  Many of the items have been reported with mediocre performance.  We shall see!  What have you tried? Stay FABULOUS!

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