Thursday, April 7, 2016

Urban Decay Gwen Stafani Lipsticks and Lipliners Are On Sale!

Hey Beauties!  Heads up on a sale today at Ulta.  The Gwen Stefani lipsticks and lipliners are on sale.  The lipsticks are now 12.00 USD and the lipliners are 13.00 USD.  If you have not tried any products from the Gwen Stefani line yet...this is your chance to do so.  I will be snagging a couple of lipsticks myself.  The blush palette was on sale last week, but I did not pick it up. I'm looking out for the eye shadow palette to go on sale next! Stay FABULOUS!

*UPDATE:  The lipsticks, lipliners, and blush palette are on sale at Sephora too!  The lipliners are actually 14.00 USD vs. 13.00 USD at Ulta.  The lipsticks are the same price.  Happy Shopping!

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