Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Rihanna Is Taking Over (New Collection Details)

Rihanna has just released her third collection with Stance socks.  The collection includes 19 pieces of hosiery.  This collection is "baby doll meets tomboy".  This line will be available at several retailers including Tillys.com and Asos.com. 

Rihanna is also expected to release her own makeup line called Fenty in the near future.  You know how much we loved her two collaborations with MAC.  I expect great things from this line.

Also, Rihanna has a collaboration with Puma expected to release later this week.  

What can I say?  Rihanna's fashion and beauty sense are taking the market by storm...and I am excited.  She has a unique style, and her pieces are sure to catch a second glimpse.  Will you be purchasing any of these items?  Stay FABULOUS!

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