Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture World Traveler Palette Review

Welcome to my new, revamped blog.  I will continue to make edits, so please bear with me through the process!  I thought that I would start off my first review with my favorite palette at the moment.  I say moment because the way my personality is set up, I treat my palettes like the clothes in the back of my closet.  One day you are my favorite and the next day, I don't know ya!  Sad, but true.
Anastasia Beverly Hills has released a total of five twelve shadow palettes in the last year or so with the first three being collaborations with bloggers and vloggers.  I own the Tamanna palette which was the third release.  The newest edition is the Shadow Couture World Traveler palette (SCWT).  All of the Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) palettes retail at 30.00 USD (previous palette prices were 29.00 USD- Inflation huh?!).  This palette contains a combination of shimmer and matte shadows and bright and neutral shadows.    The packaging is simple cardboard packaging, including a double ended brush and a somewhat functional mirror. 
Let's talk about quality and consistency.  I personal like the quality and consistency more in this palette compared to the Tamanna palette.  The Tamanna palette had great color choices, but the shadows were little more on the powdery side and lacked slightly in pigmentation (in reference to us dark beauties).  The shadows in the SCWT are very smooth and of a more buttery consistency (Or I just have a good batch!).  The palette is versatile in that it can create complete neutral, smokey, and bright eye shadow looks.  It is one of the few palettes that I do not have to use multiple palettes or shadows to complete a look.  The infamous shadow that has attracted many eyes is the pink champagne color.  It was previously available as only a single shadow only, but has been known as a fan favorite.  ABH describes it as a shimmery pink with a titanium finish.  I say it's a beautiful chunky glitter, pale pink color.  My other favorites are Morocco and Fudge which are both warm toned, matte browns.  The single shadows run 12.00 USD a piece.  So, if you are in love with one or two shadows on the ABH website, the best value would be to grab the palette.
Please take a look at some swatches and photos of me wearing different combinations of the eye shadows from this palette!  Enjoy and stay FABULOUS!

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