Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sephora Holiday Sets Now Available

Color Around The World:  4 Eye and Face Palettes 28.00USD
Alright everyone!  Let's get it in gear, the holiday sets are releasing left and right.  Is it me or does it seem as though the holiday sets are being released earlier this year.  So what should we expect when the official holiday season arrives?  We shall see!  The pictures below are for the Sephora Collection Holiday Set releases.  Sephora has released a large number of products ranging from eyeliner sets, palettes, lip balm sets, etc.  With the Sephora Collection brand, we can expect reasonable prices.  Some of their items are a hit or miss for me, but the price makes these items great stocking stuffers.  Will you be snagging any of these goodies?  Stay FABULOUS!

Find other releases here.

Color Wishes 5 Eye Shadow Palette 15.00 USD

Color Wonderland Neutral and Vivid Eye Shadow Palette 59.00 USD

Ombre Obsession Eye Shadow Palette 34.00 USD

Wonderful Dreams 8 Tone Eye Shadow Palette 10.00 USD

Up In The Smoke Baked Eye and Face Palette 35.00 USD

Kissing Stories:  8 Glossy Lip Pencils 28.00 USD

Make You Blush!  Colorful Cheek Ink Gel Trio 18.00 USD

Enchanted Lip Liners:  4 Liners To Go 16.00 USD

Marvellous  Eyeliners 16.00 USD

Super Kisses:  Set of 3 Kiss Me Lip Balms 18.00 USD

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