Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What Can "Normal" People Expect From New York Fashion Week 2015?

Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week starts tomorrow 9/10/15 through 9/17/15.  Editors, designers, models, and celebs are preparing for the week long extravaganza.  We all want to see what's on trend for Spring/Summer 2016!  So how did this February and September buzz start?  During WWII, many designers were not able to travel to and from the United States to the fashion hub, Paris.  One fashion publicist, Eleanor Lambert, created Press Week to showcase American designers.  Lambert paid journalists' and other press' expenses to cover the event, and the showcase took off without a hitch.  Press Week created the much needed attention on American fashion designers.  Today Press Week is called New York Fashion Week and is now held in the Lincoln Center in uptown New York City.

We watch fashion week and look at ads in the magazines craving for the newest trends.  But, many times these trends are dramatic, unique (Trying to think of the best word!) style combinations.  So how do these fashion forward trends make it into our everyday fashion?  Many clothing store representatives attend fashion week to determine what styles will be profitable for the season.  The fashion show presents extravagant designs to attract buyers and attention from editors, but clothing retailers turn those trends down a few notches and present it to the public in a more socially acceptable form.  A see-through lace dress may be worn by a model on the runway, but a department store may sell a similar lace dress with a slip or lace pillow in Walmart.  Catch my drift?
There are a few designers expected to launch some exceptional attire this week.  Designers such as DKNY, J. Crew, Alexander Wang, Givenchy, Kanye West for Adidas and several others are expected to steal the show.  I have been more intrigued this year than ever about fashion week.  New sponsors and new designers controlling large fashion brands.  I will try to do a follow up post once the festivities end to give you my take on what's going on.  Will you be following Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week?  Stay tuned and stay FABULOUS!

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