Sunday, September 27, 2015

Tarte Holiday Sets Now Available

Light Of The Party Collector's Makeup Case 59.00 USD
While we are talking about holiday sets, Tarte is another brand who has already released several holiday sets.  One of their show stoppers is the large multi use beauty case including 30 eye shadows, bronzer, blush, mascara, dual ended brush, and a highlighter.  Not to mention the price is only 59.00 USD.  The packaging is gorgeous for their sets this year with a sequin aztec print on most items.  The blush palette has returned for another year, but the packaging seems a lot sleeker and just prettier!  I do not think that I will be picking anything up from Tarte due to they still need to work on the pigmentation for women of color.  But, everything looks so prettiful (I know it's not a word), especially the bedazzled eye lash curler.  What do you think?  It seems as though most of these items are exclusive to Sephora, but Ulta normally comes out with their own holiday sets from Tarte.  But, some items like the lipstick set and eye lash curler are available at both stores.  Stay FABULOUS!

Find other holiday releases here.
Deluxe Amazonian Butter Lipstick Set 21.00 USD
Easy Glowing Deluxe Cheek Set 10.00 USD

Bring It On Amazonian Clay Blush Palette 44.00 USD

Stroke of Midnight Brush Set 44.00 USD

Lips for Daze Lip Surgence Set 34.00 USD
Shine Bright Statement Lash Essentials 20.00 USD

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