Friday, September 4, 2015

Did You know?! Nicki Minaj Has a Clothing Line At Kmart and Sears...

Did you know that Nicki Minaj has a clothing line at Kmart and Sears... since 2013?  I was trolling the internet for fall clothing line releases when I stumbled upon Nicki's line.  The clothing definitely exudes Nicki's flare, but I can't promise that you will become the Diva herself!.  The clothing line consists of several bodycon dresses, spandex pants, t-shirts, jumpsuits, jogger sets, etc.  A few of the items are appealing...for my taste.  I am usually not attracted to the bright, mesh, bling, and extremely form-fitting style for clothing, but a couple of the pieces are cute.  For Kmart, I must say that the prices are a little steep with some t-shirts priced at 24.99 USD, but there are currently a lot of items on sale for as low as 8.00 USD.  Compared to other name brand clothing lines selling similar styles, these styles are decently priced.  Ladies are able to become a diva on a budget!  I did not notice this line my Kmart that last two years, but I am sure that the line is stocked based on the demographics in the location.  Has anyone purchased any of her pieces?  Stay FABULOUS!

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