Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sephora Cream Lip Stain Review

Liquid lipsticks!  Liquid lipsticks!  Liquid lipsticks!  Can you say it five times fast?  I know that you are seeing many reviews and swatchfests for the many different liquid lipsticks, but I wanted to review my favorite brands for you.  Many forget about the Sephora brand collection.  It's a large collection that includes skincare and makeup.  I think that many do not notice the collection until the color of the year comes out.'s hiding in the section labeled Sephora!  The Sephora cream lip stains have been out for years, but some product junkies like myself totally missed the mark until this year.  This is a great budget friendly liquid lipstick option at 14.00 USD.  The colors dry to a matte finish.  There are 14 colors in collection.  I own Always Red 01, Strawberry Kiss 03, Watermelon Slice 09, African Violet 12, Blackberry Sorbet 14, and Polished Purple 15.  To get a nice even application, I would recommend applying two coats of color.  The application for the lighter colors (pink and corals) are a little streaky and take some manipulation to get the best application.  The dark colors apply more smoothly.  There is not obvious wear to the inner lip portion after several hours of wear, but these colors are quite drying.  These liquid lipsticks are a hidden jewel in one of the largest makeup retailers.  Try one out; I think that you will be pleasantly surprised.  Sephora's generous return policy makes taking the plunge a little bit sweeter.  What are your favorite colors?  Check out my swatches and stay FABULOUS!

Watermelon Slice 09

Strawberry Kiss 03

African Violet 12

Blackberry Sorbet 14

Always Red 01

Polished Purple 15

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