Monday, September 28, 2015

Are You Really Fall Ready? If Not, See What's In!

Are you really fall 2015 ready?  Fashion Week in February predicted some interesting trends for the fall.  Do you keep up with what's in or wear the same 'ol same 'ol?  If you keep up with the trends, you have some large shoes to fill. 

H&M made their presence known through a futuristic, celestial movement in spring fashion week.  The theme was on the moon.  Chunky knits, bold patterns, and quilted wear are some of the trends that we were to expect in retail stores.  Currently H&M has several of the items seen on the runway in February in their studio collection on the H&M website.  The prices are a little more steep than items from the standard line, prices ranging from 34.99 USD to 399.99 USD.  The clothing is quite unique.  I must admit that these trends are not my favorite for the fall.  Did you pick anything up from this collection or rock something similar?

 Kanye West's Yeezy line venturing into Fashion Week was a surprise to say the least.  His military style clothing could be characterized as grim and simplistic.  His clothing retails at a minimum staggering price of 900.00 USD and higher.  Military is a great trend that I enjoy participating in...I just will not be purchasing any of these products.  I personally do not think that they are worth the price, and many can find trendy alternatives.  Some make humor of his grunge style resembling the walking dead.  What do you think? 

J. Crew's fall collection showed some of the more power trends that you can find in many stores.  Trends from the 70s are very popular this year, and J. Crew emphasized the fringe, high waist, and various textures represented from that time.  These styles are more of my style.  The cost defers upon retailer, but you can find these trends any where from Forever 21, H&M, Target, J. Crew, etc.

Now that fall is officially here,  are you prepared to rock any of the trends above?  Be original and be you.  Stay FABULOUS!

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