Friday, September 25, 2015

Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick Review in Black Rose

Dose of Colors is a brand that can be hard to get your hands on, but it is definitely a brand that is worth the wait.  Famous for the richly colored liquid lipsticks, Dose of Colors is a makeup brand in demand.  Dose of Colors carries a variety of products including face, eyes, and lips.  The liquid lipstick line currently contains 8 shades.  I only own one shade, so I will be reviewing this one shade.  I would like to purchase more colors in the future.  The color mentioned is Black Rose which is a limited edition color that is no longer carried on the website.  You can find this color floating around on Ebay and Amazon.  I personally purchased mine on Ebay.  I received it at fairly reason price, but it was still higher than the retail price, 20.00 USD.  The color was released during a makeup show and sold out immediately.  The color is a deep wine color, and it is not over-drying or streaky.  The color applies best with two coats.  The wear is over 8 hours with little to no transfer or inner lip wear.  This is one of my favorite fall colors, and I've been itching to start wearing it.  There are a few similar colors out there (MAC Diva, Kat Von D Vampira, ABH Heathers, Colorpop LAX, NYX Copenhagen), but I think that the Dose of Colors brand is worth trying out.  Enjoy and stay FABULOUS!

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