Sunday, March 20, 2016

Tea Time: Can Your Hair Scare Away A Man?

This post is meant to add a little humor to your day.  It is crazy how in this day and age, men have such a big problem with African American hair...especially African American men.  I still hear many references to "good hair".  "Good hair" being long, straight to wavy hair.  Now, the current trend is black women going "natural".  There are TWAs (teeny weeny afros) and big hair everywhere.  But, I still find it so strange that people, men or women, have a problem with our hair.

Can your hair scare away a man?  I personally do not think so, but sometimes I think that people forget that beauty can come in various forms.  I would hate to think that something as superficial as hair could make a difference in someone's opinion but it's true.  My long, relaxed hair was one of my most popular attributes for men.  They loved my my hair is short.  Many who once attributed my beauty to such long hair, now stand speechless.  Many do not have a positive or negative response...just silence.  (Now maybe that is because they learned if you don't have anything nice to say...)  But, I am the same person.  I am not my hair.

But, there are many men who are embracing all women including us "natural hair" wearing Sistas!  So do not let a man influence your decisions on your appearance.  Embrace your uniqueness...and they'll catch up!  Let help you weed out the bad ones.  Stay FABULOUS!

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