Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spring Makeup Trends: Color Correcting

You may have noticed some new products on the makeup shelves...color correcting tools.  With spring coming, learning how to treat problems areas with the least amount of makeup possible is perfect.  No cakey faces during the warm weather!  Color correcting is the answer.  What I enjoy most about color correcting is that is can be done with or without makeup application.  Color correcting prevents the use of extra concealer and/or foundation to cover or conceal problems areas...win, win right?

So how does color correcting work?  Remember in art class, you learned about complimentary colors?  That's just it.  Those problems areas on our face and body have undertones similar to colors on the color wheel.  Cheeks may have redness, dark circles have purple undertones, and so on.  So, you would use the opposite color on the color wheel to cancel/neutralize the color/problem area.  The problem with foundations and concealers is that they are normally the same color as your skin, and often problem areas can still peak through your makeup.

There are large number color correcting products on the market right now...and there are many formulas including gel, pencil, cream, liquid.  So, how do you know which product to choose?  That's a great question!  I say stick with what you know.  You have a favorite brand, try their products first.  I am still experimenting with some products, so I do not have a favorite at the moment.  But, I promise to update you with reviews as I try some of these products.  I previously only used a little orange concealer to neutralize dark spots, but I would like to try other colors such as the purple to help brighten my skin.  Are you color correcting?  Stay FABULOUS!

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